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  • •The compact structure design, the use of high-strength materials, the special heat treatment, and welding processes ensure that the cylinder has a very high fatigue life under high pressure and heavy load.

    • It can be designed and integrated with P.O. check valves, pipe burst safety valve, oil pipes, etc. 

    • The design has a wide range of temperature resistance (-25℃~+120℃), and can provide higher or lower temperature cylinders

    • The mature cushion design makes the bucket reduce the impact of the cylinder during the excavation operation without reducing the excavation force and affecting the work efficiency

    • For the earrings of the integral die forgings, you can choose the standard self-lubricating bushings, and also can be configured according to customer needs


TIANLONG can provide excavations below :

• Bucket Cylinder

• Boom Cylinder

• Stick Cylinder

• Bulldozing Cylinder

• Rotary Actuator

• Angle Push Cylinder

• Chassis Telescopic Cylinder

Cranes below:

• Luffing Cylinder
• Telescopic Cylinder
• Outrigger Cylinder
• Suspension Cylinder
• Outrigger Expansion Cylinder
• Counterweight Cylinder

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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