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Tianlong Machinery Manufacturing Co. LTD

Established in 1998, Pinghu Tianlong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  as a professional cylinder manufacturer, locates in the center of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, the most active economic region in China, which is surrounded by many major cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou.

We focus on manufacturing tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, welded hydraulic cylinders, snow plow hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, and different customized hydraulic cylinders, etc. Our products have been widely used in different industries ,including agricultural machinery industry, construction machinery industry, vehicles industry, and car lifting machinery industry, etc. Since 2004, our products have been exported to the United States, Europe and America, South Africa, Australia and other countries or regions. We have been highly recognized by users all over the world.

At present, we have 130 employees, more than 100 sets of processing equipment, 4 paint-spraying lines. The daily output can reach 1000 pieces of cylinders. The company is keeping rapid growing by 10-15% annually, due to our professional team, advanced technology and mature production line, the current annual output reaches more than 200,000 pcs of cylinders.

In order to provide better product and service, we are keeping expanding and optimizing our factory, bringing in automation production. In the past three years, we have updated a series of equipment, such as processing robots, welding robots, multiple assembly lines, automatic painting line and so on. In the future, We will invest more in automation equipment for better customer service. 

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